Our Story

This is the story of Lockeshire Jewelry. With a belief that beautiful jewelry should not cost a fortune, we source our products from different channels. Based in Canada, we are an online fashion jewelry shop selling high quality products at an affordable price. We provide a wide range of jewelry for our customers’ selection. New products, promotions and market trends are available for our customers. We always take great pride in our service commitments.

We offer jewelry customisation service to certain product lines. For more details, customers can directly reach out for more information.

Though we are an online fashion jewelry shop, we connect with our customers through our company blog alongside other social media channels such as Facebook & LinkedIn. We are confident that Lockeshire Jewelry will become the best online jewelry business in the near future. We ship our products to anywhere in the world. In general, shipping costs will be included in the listed price. We always encourage customers to confirm as part of customer services. Standard packing includes an elegantly designed box with our logo and company tag. With the effort we put in to build since day one, we believe the story of Lockeshire Jewelry will continue!